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Company Certificates
Company Certificates

Press Components, Engraved Products and Laser Profile Cutting componets are growing need for all automobile and mechanical related industries. To fulfill the need, we have a desire to achieve these objectives and we do metal engraving, division marking, scale marking, engraving in gauges, metal stamping punches, monogram punches, precision milling, embossed tools and dies, embossed press components, sheet metal press components, Laser Profile cutting Components and all type of washers. We are dedicated to provide the quality products, services and responsibilities. We aim to strengthen ourselves further by involving and targeting towards continual improvement. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of each and every customer by offering outstanding services to them. We continue to look for new opportunities and we are committed to further growth globally.

Our Promoters

The firm was established in the year 1979. The promoters Mrs.Thamizhmani & Mr.N.Sampathu has years of experience in this line and had developed many intricate components and keeps supplying quality components to various industries.

Our Scope

The Company is engaged in manufacturing of Engraved Products up to 4th axis, Sheet Metal Precision Pressed Components sub assemblies-Light Sheet Metal Fabrication widely used in the industries of Automobile, Rubber, Plastic, Electrical and Other General Engineering Industries, EDM Products, Laser Cutting Components etc. The installed machineries are very versatile and are capable to manufacture / fabricate wide range of products confirming to various specifications as required by the customers. We believe that the customer is "THE KING AND HE DESERVES THE BEST"

Capable Of

  • ALL type of pressed components
  • Mass production of washers ranging from 0.50mm to 5.00mm with respective thickness.
  • Production of shallow drawing components falls in the light of our services.
  • Number & Letter Punches with sizes engraved from 0.75mm to 50mm.
  • We have mastered in producing contoured Profiles for copper electrodes used in EDM.
  • Engraving in Contoured name plates and in all types of dies.
  • Unique Dies and Punches using EDM
  • Laser Profile Cutting Components

Materials for pressed components includes Stainless Steel, Low Carbon steel, Brass, CRCA & HR with degrees of hardness upto 320 VPN with fine surface texture. Even in complicated components which includes forming and folding operation, we maintain strict dimensional accuracy combined with close tolerances.

List Of Machines

1 10 Tonne Power Press P-1 Ground Floor
2 15 Tonne Power Press P-2 Ground Floor
3 20 Tonne Power Press P-3 Ground Floor
4 20 Tonne Power Press P-4 Ground Floor
5 30 Tonne Power Press P-5 Ground Floor
6 50 Tonne Power Press P-6 Ground Floor
7 20 Tonne Power Press P-7 Ground Floor
8 5 Tonne Power Press P-8 Ground Floor
9 EDM Machine EDM-1 Ground Floor
10 Surface Grinding Machine SG-1 Ground Floor
11 Bench Grinding Machine BG-1 Ground Floor
12 Lathe 4 1/2 L-1 Ground Floor
13 Lathe 4 1/2 L-2 Ground Floor
14 SPM Turning Center SPM-1 Ground Floor
15 Shearing Machine HS-1 Ground Floor
16 Shearing Machine HS-1 Ground Floor
17 Barreling Machine BM-1 Ground Floor
18 Linishing Machine LM-1 Ground Floor
19 De-coling Slitter DS-1 Ground Floor
20 Engraving Machine E-1 1st Floor
21 Engraving Machine E-2 1st Floor
22 Engraving Machine E-3 1st Floor
23 CNC Engraving Machine CEM-4 1st Floor
24 CNC Engraving Machine CEM-5 1st Floor
25 CNC Engraving Machine CEM-6 1st Floor
26 Tool Grinding Machine TG-1 1st Floor
27 Tool Grinding Machine TG-2 1st Floor
28 Drilling Machine D-1 Ground Floor
29 Drilling Machine D-2 Ground Floor
30 Fly Press FP-1 1st Floor
31 Fly Press FP-2 1st Floor
32 Vickers Hardness Tester VH-1 1st Floor
33 Rockwell Hardness Tester RH-1 1st Floor
34 Laser Cutting Machine LC-1 Ground Floor

Our Skills

Pressed Components
Stamping Punches
Laser Profile Cutting
EDM Process

Our Walkthrough

Since Our Establishment in 1979, Engraving has always been the core technology of our company, and throughout the years, we have worked ceaselessly to achieve break-through progress and development in our engraving techniques.

Besides that we have entered in manufacturing of Pressed Components later in 1983 and started concentrating in both Engraving & Press Components.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has awarded a memento and certificate of merit for the best woman entrepreneur during the year 1995.

chief minister award on 1983 for best women entreprenuer

We entered into the latest technology of making engraved articles.

We started devloping engraved articles in 4th Axis and also Critical dies and punches using EDM Process.

We entered in Laser Cutting which resulted us in the making of unique and specialized Embossed Trophies.

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